Forever Home Master Suite

4 things you need to think through before you build your FOREVER HOME Master Suite

Room Size

A typical master bedroom is 200 to 250 sq ft or 14’x15’ to 15’x16’. We suggest a forever home master room of about 350 square feet which would be around 19’x18’ to 20’x19’. This gives you enough space for a king sized bed and five to six feet around the sides of the bed creating easy accessibility at any stage of life.

Electrical Layout

In this era of technology thinking through your master suite’s electrical design prior to building is incredibly helpful and will prevent the need for extension cords. Once you determine the wall for the head of your bed, ensure the architect has placed quadplex electrical outlets that include USB ports on each side for lamps, phones, watches, iPads, etc. We also encourage you to think about where you want light switches with dimmers placed along with outlets for your television and cleaning devices.

Bathroom Accessibility

Thinking through long-term accessibility is vital in the forever home master bath. It all starts with the selection of smart sink and shower handles. Handles that move in one obvious way from hot to cold and don't require three different maneuvers to get the water to flow at the desired temperature have proven to be helpful. We also suggest our homeowners consider a curbless shower stall with seating, shelving, and slightly sloping floor. This aids safety, accessibility, drainage, and cleanup. To ensure long-term toilet accessibility there are adjustable or raised (tall boy) toilet seats. We also suggest clients brace wall space around the toilet and shower for future railings. Mirrors should be placed where they can be seen from sitting and standing positions, such as full-length or tilting mirrors. We have found pull-out drawers in the cabinets are helpful because they decrease the need to kneel or bend over to get toiletry items.

Master Closet Design

The master closet should be big enough to include all your clothing and room for 2 people to sit or get dressed at the same time. We recommend good, daylight-quality, automatic shut-off lighting and enough storage to keep your belongings neatly tucked away and organized. We encourage our clients to think through their needs and consider a full-length mirror, laundry basket, shelving, drawers, shoe organizers, tie racks, and a bench for dressing.

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