Designing Your Hill Country Dream Pool

There is no better way to beat the hill country summer heat than relaxing on the water. The hill country has an abundance of lakes and rivers, but sometimes a pool in your own backyard just can’t be beaten. With spring just a few weeks away, now is a great time to reach out to your contractor to explore potential pool ideas. Though dreaming of endless hours of summer fun is exciting, we suggest taking some time to consider the right pool design for your family. This should include a discussion around topics such as safety, shape, location, features and equipment with a contractor like Tri-Built.


Chances are if you live in the Texas hill country you will design a pool to not only meet the needs of your household, but also those of all your vacationing guests. Therefore, safety is always the primary concern in pool design. You will want to consider whether you need a fence, pool alarm, and pool depth. Take all necessary precautions and make sure you follow state regulations to ensure a safe pool environment.


Since installing a pool is a big decision, you will want to do it right. Consider these factors as you ponder your pool’s shape, design and features:


Look at the size and shape of your yard. Its dimensions will dictate what is possible in terms of pool design and shape. Some backyards look better with curved designs while some require a more rectangular shape.


How much are you planning to spend? Are you flexible?


Who will be using the pool? If it is solely for laps, a long and narrow shape is appropriate. But if you want a shallow area for children to splash about or adult lounging, you may want to consider an L shaped pool.


Pools owners aren’t just interested in swimming these days. Modern pool designs offer options like; fountains, waterfalls, and ponds. You will also need to consider hardware, such as ladders and handrails, or steps if the pool will be used by people with limited mobility.


Outdoor living is a key aspect of hill county life so you will want to think about how your pool will fit into your overall outdoor design. As you plan, remember that the pool shouldn’t take up the entire amount of space. You’ll need a pool deck area and you may want a seating area or a place for an outdoor barbecue. If this is a place where you want to entertain guests, you’ll need to allocate space accordingly.


Pools are an investment and an easy way to offset the cost of pool ownership is with energy efficient pool equipment. Talk to your contractor about variable speed and flow pumps and find out how much you could save.

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