3 Things to Know When You Move to the Hill Country

1. The Hill Country Pillagers

One of the best parts of living in the hill country is sitting at your dining room table and watching the wildlife. Springtime is the best, as your back porch becomes a viewing room for every colorful bird you can imagine and newborn deer. This beauty has its price and we call them the Hill Country Pillagers. As one of Texas’ largest garden pests, deer can do a lot of damage in a very small amount of time. You can practice control by installing deer fencing or using repellents, but the most effective approach is to learn how to use deer resistant plants when landscaping your new home.

2. Waste Management

Typically homeowners in suburban and urban settings don’t have to think about what happens to the water after the toilet is flushed. However, residents living in the Texas hill country quickly learn about their role in rural waste management and care of their septic system. We encourage everyone new to hill country living to learn about how to maintain their septic.

3. Well Waters

Well water is often one of the under-appreciated perks of rural living. For many hill country residents, a well is one of their favorite cost-saving components of their home, with its unlimited access to clean and more natural water. Our clients who choose to use this natural resource find it helpful to be educated on water well placement and maintenance in advance.

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