The Top 5 Bathroom Trends of 2018

Free Standing Bathtub

In the last decade, we have been going through a shower make-over. Now with the spa-like bathroom trend, it is time for the free-standing bath to make its comeback. They are more beautiful, sophisticated and comfortable. They come in a multitude of shapes and sizes: rectangular, oval, round, and even asymmetrical.

Marble and Quartz

Since the turn of the century, granite has been king of the kitchen and bathroom. However, in 2018, we will see the revival of once overpriced marble and, our new love, quartz.

The Tech Bathroom

Remember the days when flushing the bathroom toilet insured your sibling 10 seconds of scalding hot showering? Well, those days are officially gone with new digitally controlled showers. This quiet, easy to install piece of technology ensures that your preferred bathing temperature stays consistent.

Patterned Tiles

The hour of the simple subway tile is sadly coming to an end. In its place bathrooms are being revived with vivid and timeless tile patterns. The rule is to keep the rest of the bathroom simple and let the floor (or the ceiling) act as the centerpiece.

Gold and Brass

Though chrome is classic, bathrooms are seeing more gold and brass this year. These warm metal fixtures bring a new sense of luxury to the most intimate room in the house.

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