5 Must Have Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

Warmer Floor Designs

As kitchens continue with their light, minimalist trend, floors are taking on greater importance. This year, kitchen floors are trending dark to create a cozy living space. Wood is still the flooring of choice, but porcelain planks (tile) are coming in as a close second. They look like wood, provide the same inviting style, but are easier to maintain.

The Appliance Garage

The minimalism and clean line kitchen trend continues to be a part of the 2018 kitchen design. Therefore, many homeowners are opting to move small appliances off the countertop into the pantry or an “appliance garage.” The appliance garage is a cabinet with electrical outlets that allows you to store your coffee pot, toaster or mixer out of site in an area that can also function as a workspace.

Drawers, Drawers and More Deep Drawers

With more and more homeowners opting to remove upper cabinetry in favor of an open, airy kitchen feel, extra-deep drawers are growing in popularity. They're more accessible than standard base cabinetry and simple to integrate into a beautiful kitchen design. You can even add on drawer organizers that make storage of plates, drinkware, and cookware storage a dream. You'll also find an increasing use of drawers in appliances like dishwashers and microwave ovens.

Gray is the New White

Painted white cabinets have been the trend for nearly a decade. Though most designers agree the white kitchen will always be in style, 2018 is seeing the introduction of gray and navy cabinets coupled with gray backsplashes. The gray keeps the space looking open and airy, but ads a component of depth to the design.

Quartz Countertops

The granite countertop is timeless, but it has one significant flaw. It is a porous surface and, if not cared for properly, will stain over time. Quartz countertops have come to the rescue. They mimic the beauty of granite but do not require scrubbing or sealing.

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