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3 Things Home Inspectors Find When Assessing Homes Constructed Poorly

Selecting the right contractor may make the difference in 100's of thousands of dollars in repairs later. Home inspectors will tell you that many issues they find are caused by contractor errors. HGTV Home Inspector, Rick Yerger, says, "water damage to the structure has been the most damaging and costly, causing foundation problems, rot and the dreaded mold."

Grade Sloping

When building a home, the land must be graded in such a way that water moves away from the home. If this is not done, you have grade sloping (or draining) back toward the home. Over time this leads to damp or wet crawlspaces or worse movement, cracking or settlement in the foundation. From there water can begin wicking up the foundation leading to rot in the walls and mold.

Stucco Issues

Fire place damage due to improper roofing.

Many homeowners choose to use stucco as an exterior surface because, when applied correctly, will last a lifetime. However, if done incorrectly, water can get in the living space. "At the base of exterior walls, where the foundation and the bottom plate (sill plate) meet, a component of a stucco-surfaced wall called a weep screed is applied. We know water can enter stucco through cracks, around unsealed light fixtures, outlets and the like. The water then hits the house wrap and sheds down to the weep screed and out the building. This is brilliant, but when concrete patios, stoops or sidewalks have been poured too high, and the weep screed is buried, the system cannot work, and water may enter the walls and living space. When you are walking around a house, and you see the weep screed disappear into the concrete, this may one day lead to water intrusion and damage." (HGTV Rick Yerger)

Improper Roofing Installation

The roof is the part of the house that keeps us and the internal workings of the house dry. We expect that, as the roofing material ages, it shouldn't lend itself to water intrusion, which can lead to expensive repairs or even replacement. However, if the roofing material is improperly installed, it can lead to premature aging and replacement.

To read further on this topic check out the Article "Common Problems Found During Home Inspections."

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