10 Phases to the Building Process

Phase I

  • Introductory Meeting

  • Exploration Meeting with our Sales Director

  • Meet our President and internal Team Members

  • Call and visit our references

Phase II

  • Building site visit

  • Site Review Checklist completed

  • High/Low Estimate discussion

  • Explore finance options with lending partners

  • Plan Creation/Professional Services Agreement Signed ($1k-$5k deposit depending on size)

  • Site Survey completed (topo, trees, set backs & lot corners staked)

Phase III

  • Pre-Allowance/Color Selection appointment with Interior Designer

  • Proposed Specifications Interview conducted

Phase IV

  • Preliminary House Plans back from Plan Designer (Floorplan, Front Elevation, Site Plan and Electrical Page)

  • Initial Estimate compiled

Phase V

  • Present Initial Estimate quote

  • Building Contract signed ($7,500 deposit)

  • Final redlined floor plan changes given to Plan Designer

Phase VI

  • Final redlined floor plan changes back from Plan Designer

  • Side and rear elevations, roof and cabinets drawn by Plan Designer

  • All allowance items finalized, as well as interior/exterior color selections made with Interior Designer

Phase VII

  • Final full complete set of floor plans presented for approval

  • Floor plans, specifications and site plan submitted to Lender for appraisal

  • Plans submitted for engineering and to HOA for ACC approval

  • Final Contract and Construction Specifications presented to client

  • Construction loan closed

Phase VIII

  • Pre-construction meeting

  • On-site foundation stake-out/tree meeting

  • Ground breaking celebration!

  • Start of construction--slab poured, begin framing

Phase IX

  • Finish framing

  • Pre-electrical/drywall/trim carpentry, insulation, cabinets and low-voltage walk through

  • Finish construction

  • Tri-Built QI inspection (internal quality inspection) performed

Phase X

  • Pre-closing homeowners orientation walk-through and punch list created

  • Pre-close completed punch list sign-off meeting

  • Close escrow at title company--keys given over

  • Welcome to your beautiful new home!

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